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Marketing Your Local Business: Using the Latest Google Trends to Your Advantage

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Figuring out the ROI on marketing tactics that directly correlate with new leads used to be a simple process. Now, there are so many channels and different ways homeowners can find and contact you. This eBook covers 9 actions you can take today to help improve your business presence across all online channels used by homeowners, and in return, see a higher ROI from your marketing efforts.  

In ‘Marketing Your Local Business: Using the Latest Google Trends to Your Advantage’, you’ll learn:

  • The key digital marketing principles to know 
  • How to use Google’s free tools like Google My Business in your marketing 
  • The importance of leveraging marketing technology to enhance your digital marketing efforts 
  • 9 actions you can implement in your contractor marketing to improve your business’s online visibility on Google and other major channels  

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